23 Nov 2023

Mr Fluffy: Our Voices

The complex issues surrounding Canberra’s ‘Mr Fluffy’ insulation crisis have had an impact on thousands of ACT residents, making the ‘Mr Fluffy’ saga one of the most compelling chapters in the recent social history of this city.

This exhibition, held at CMAG from 8 July – 1 October 2023 featured a newly-created video piece featuring personal accounts by Canberra residents impacted by the events surrounding ‘Mr Fluffy’ loose fill asbestos insulation. The legacy was also told through imagery, artworks, retrieved objects, background information and text stories.

‘Mr Fluffy’: Our voices aimed to refresh this uniquely ACT set of events, reminding audiences that the effects of loose fill asbestos insulation is ongoing for the community, and is told through the diverse experiences of those most impacted.

You can now visit the online exhibition here.