7 Dec 2023

Expression of Interest CMAG Open Collections Gallery

Tell us about your collection

The Open Collections gallery is a unique space within CMAG. It’s a place for the people of Canberra to display, share and celebrate their personal collections of, well, whatever it is that has taken their fancy.

From fashion dolls to Dr Who, telephones to vintage racing bikes, it is a place that welcomes the weird and the wonderful in all its guises.

Canberra is a city of surprises and its collectors are no different – they come from all walks of life and their passions are many and varied. Often, collections have been amassed over years or decades, hidden away in back rooms or musty garages. The Open Collections gallery provides a space for them to be seen in all their glory and absurdity, to be enjoyed and marvelled at.

The Open Collection Gallery has been hosting community collections since 1999, with a focus on seldom-seen collections in the Canberra region. To give you some ideas about what we display, you can check out this list of previous collections displayed in the gallery.

If you or your organisation have a collection you’d like to exhibit with us, we’d love to hear about it. Please complete and submit the form below, giving us as much information as you can about your collection, and we’ll be in touch.

Exhibitions are considered by the curatorial team every six months and are planned up to three years in advance.

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