Brian Corr, Timshel

Brian Corr, Timshel

Timshel is a major new installation of architectural art glass in the CMAG Foyer.

This recent gift to the collection, reflects the development of Canberra as a place internationally known for excellence in glass making practice. The striking work features a large translucent disc of glass, cradled within a corten steel sculpture.

The glass becomes a point of stillness, of meditative light and energy, juxtaposed with the progressive movement of the harsher material. The artist, Brian Corr observes, ‘In this case, glass is a vehicle for light, which I equate to energy. With its volumes and voids holding or releasing light, it creates this composition within a composition. Steel is a means of constructing, of rising skyward, of forward and upward progress. So Timshel is a still point of light suspended, untouched, by this upward surge.’ 


Brian Corr, Timshel, 2012 kiln formed, waterjet cut, cold worked constructed glass with corten steel.
Canberra Museum and Gallery, gift of Lesley Kehoe, 2021. 


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