8 Jul 2023—28 Jan 2024

Capturing Canberra - CMAG’s Press Photography Collection

Capturing Canberra - CMAG’s Press Photography Collection

Capturing Canberra showcases CMAG's recently acquired Press Photography Collection. On display for the first time, this remarkable collection of over 3,500 press photographs captures the essence of Canberra, its people, and the events that shaped both the city and the nation.

From serious and historic to thought-provoking, artistic, funny, and touching, these images have graced the front pages of renowned newspapers like The Canberra Times and The Sydney Morning Herald. Explore the stories behind the lens as photojournalists' personal collections and recollections bring their experiences to life. Immerse yourself in visual storytelling, reflect, engage, and be inspired.

Explore the magic of the darkroom as negatives transform into photographs before your eyes, unlocking the secrets of the development process. Unleash your inner journalist in the interactive newsroom, where you can channel your creativity and write your own breaking news story using a vintage typewriter and listen to first hand accounts from photojournalists as they talk about their careers and experiences working for Fairfax associated newspapers.

This exhibition has been possible with the help of some of the photojournalists in the CMAG Press Photography Collection: Graham Tidy, Rob Little, Mike Bowers, Lorrie Graham and Rick Stevens. Also, thanks to PhotoAccess Canberra for their guidance and loans for this exhibition.

Press photographers of The Canberra Times, c. 1989 (detail)
Gift of Graham Tidy, 2023 © Graham Tidy